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Rahu transit to Gemini in 2019 may bring significant and crucial changes in your life. On March 7, 2019, Rahu, planet of wealth and materialism in everyone’s life enters the sign of Gemini on March 7, 2019 till September 23, 2020 (IST). So long term implications and effects are expected. According to principles of astrology, Rahu is a shadow planet with a myth of giving bad effects. Its transition in 2019 and its impact on 12 different moon signs are definitely noteworthy .
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(Predictions as per the moon sign)

Impact of transit of Rahu in Aries/Mesh

With transit of Rahu ,young generation may get involved in harmful activities which may degrade themselves in front of their family and society. Ladies who are on the family way need to be extra careful regarding their health.  Businessmen who are into imports and exports may think of expansion of their business. Rise in sales are expected for shop owners. Strong chances of injury due to excessive physical activities.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Taurus/Vrishabh

Long term pending financial conclusions will be taken with confidence and faith during transit of Rahu. Saving your money is the key guidance for this period. Taurus who are into new relationship should do something unusual for their partners recurrently. To stabilise your finances you need to make wise choices. Vacation or travel is on cards and expenses are likely to rise high.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Gemini/Mithun

You need to keep working to maintain your health physical exercise and walk is strongly advised. Anxiety levels are likely to increase due to transit of Rahu over natal moon. Work front will cause Stress-related issues in the initial time period of the transit. Focus on the upcoming opportunities and choose wisely among the various options available.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Cancer/Karka

Cancers are advised not to take any decision under any influence related to your personal or professional life during movement of Rahu. You very well understand your goals an d you are the best decision maker of your life for your own good. Do a wise analysis of your strength and weaknesses and start working to overcome your weakness. Foreign travel is on cards for many of you.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Leo/Simha

During transit of Rahu in Gemini, carefully  monitor your bad habits and addictions are try to overcome the same as it may lead to impact your health adversely. Try to brush up your industry knowledge for better opportunities and excel in the competitive world. Satisfaction in profession is the key to success and you should focus on this in the long run rather than being in your comfort zone.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Virgo/Kanya

You are likely to grab your dream job if you are looking for a new job and starting your career during this transit of Rahu and Ketu. To stay ahead in this competitive era you need to use your knowledge and brainpower. Overseas employment opportunities and higher studies abroad is on cards, if you are planning towards it. Good salary increments and promotions are likely to be the main focus of this period.

Impact of transit of Rahu  in Libra/Tula

Love is like a blessing that everyone is destined to have, but maybe at different times. Don’t lose your hope in love related matters, even if you have to wait a bit longer during this Rahu Ketu transit period. Good period for love and relationships but at the same time you should not trust anyone blindly rather trust your instinct in this highly competitive era.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Scorpio/Vrischik

Scorpions, your hard work and efforts will be well appreciated during this period. Make sure that you have all the pending tasks completed at workplace. You can approach your seniors and colleagues in case of any confusions. This is the right time to impress them with your proactive approach. You may need to keep an emergency fund for yourself during this transit for unnecessary expenditure.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Sagittarius/Dhanu

Sagittarius should expect the positive changes in their romantic life during this period of change of Rahu in 2019. Marital discord will be resolved and you will get to spend some quality time with your life partner. Minor health issues are likely to arise due to increase in stress levels at workplace. You are advised to get proper medications and treatment and not to ignore the health issues.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Capricorn/Makar

You are going to shine at workplace as all your hard work and efforts will be well recognized . Females will feel relieved at professional front as stress levels are likely to be reduced Your creative ability is very much desired at professional level to attain your goals . Big projects need extensive planning and research before implementation.

Impact of transit of Rahu in Aquarius/Kumbh

Continuous pressure at work and rise in anxiety levels are few impacts of this transit. During this period of transit of Rahu Ketu, for better output at work effective planning and implementation need to be done. Try to control your temperament and try to be easy going while interacting with your life partner as increasing stress levels will impact your relationship.

 Impact of transit of Rahu  in Pisces/Meena

Helping others without expecting returns as per your capacity is the key to peace and success in this transit. Your superiors and bosses will be highly impressed due to your outgoing attitude and you shall be able to earn rewards at workplace. Healthy relationship with life partner is foreseen during this transit period of Rahu and Ketu.